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Our Social Commitment

We actively support the work of Disha, an organization educating and bringing hope to the strreet children of Calcutta and the KDML School, that educates children with physical and learning disabilities in Coorg near Bangalore in India.

We are also members of the All India Artisans and Craft workers Welfare Association - The organization undertakes policy advocacy activities aimed at increasing the domestic market for handloom and handicraft products along with improving the standard of living of craft workers.

We also source products from many different Non Profit Organizations, Craft Groups and individual Master Craftspeople. Listed below are some organizations we work closely with.

  • Sai Prem Children & Old Age Home Trust, New Delhi –
  • Sukriti – Gujarat
  • Delhi Deaf And Dumb Association
  • WAMA – Women Artisans Marketing Agency
  • Kasida
  • Kumaon Grameen Udyog –
  • Nagar Bhatt Puppet Maker – traditional folk puppetry artist
  • Beghraj - an artisan of the age old craft of Wooden comb making.
  • Ishmail Khatri – Mastaer craftsman of the traditional Ajrak print.
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